My Top 5 Online Audio Resources

Photo by  Dillon Klassen

It seems now that if you have an internet connection you can learn anything. Basketweaving, fencing, proper haiku recitation. You name it, someone probably has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching it.

Although I'm all for everyone being able to share their approach to making music, there's a ton of content to sift through.

Over the years I've found several places that keep cranking out quality content aimed at helping you do what you do in the audio world better. I'd like to share with you this vault of knowledge bomb droppers:


Graham Cochrane's been at it for over 7 years now. He started making educational videos for his friends after he realized he got asked all the same audio questions over and over again. Especially if you're new to recording and producing music, definitely check out his stuff. I love his 5 minutes to a better mix series. Graham also co-hosts the Simply Recording Podcast with Joe Gilder. He'll shoot you straight in saying that your music isn't "bad" because of your "low-end" gear, it's because YOU aren't better. Hard stuff to swallow, but he'll keep encouraging you to invest in yourself, not a Waves sale.


Ian Shepherd, a UK based mastering engineer, runs this fantastic blog. If you want to get started with the basic of mastering (apart from reading my blog - shameless I know), check his stuff out. I use two plugins he helped design, Perception and Dynameter in every mastering session.


I found Marc's site a few years ago and fell in love with his writing style. His no-nonsense approach really cuts the crap and gives you the exact info you need. He's really helped me understand compression not just as a dynamics tool, but as a color tool.


Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Pink) and Herb Trawick (badass Manager) form a dynamic duo on Pensado's Place that brings fantastic interviews with industry giants and intimate learning videos chock full of pro tips. Dave's control over depth is spot-on. Every. Single. Mix.


Joe Gilder runs this fantastic site that focuses on writing, producing, mixing, and mastering your own music. I love his disarming demeanor and his honesty in his writing style. He'll go behind the scenes and show you every detail of his workflow. He's also very entrepreneurial minded, so keep an eye on his stuff if you want to see how to run a business well.

These sites have had a huge impact on how I make music and I know they'll do the same for you.

What other resources have helped you in your musical journey? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at

Michael Curtis

A mastering engineer and composer who loves helping you sound awesome.