Mike & The Machine - Episode 1: The Centaur

Here we are! Video numero uno. I'll keep it short.

In this blog series I'm challenging myself to compete with a online mastering algorithm. Being in a quiet room by yourself for hours on end can start to feel a bit weird, so why not throw some fun in the mix? My current opponent is the new Lydian engine from the brilliant minds at LANDR.

First, I master the track blind (AKA having not heard LANDR's master). Then I compare it with LANDR's medium setting master and take some notes. And finally I take those notes back to the drawing board and deliver a second integrated master that synthesizes my original take and what I learned from listening to what LANDR did.

Although this is somewhat of a "contest" each episode, I think we all can win here:

1. YOU get to see and hear my workflow as a mastering engineer.

2. LANDR gets fed more mixes for its machine learning algorithm.

3. I get to hear a different perspective on a track I'm mastering.

4. MY CLIENTS get an "integrated" master from me that beats my first blind master and whatever LANDR has to offer.

Instead getting up in arms that an AI might one day take our jobs as mastering engineers, I'm turning LANDR into my training partner. I use it to make me and my client's music better.

Ready to see how things shake out? Check out the video and let me know what you think!

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