How To Dial In A Compressor During Mastering

Image from  Vintage King

Image from Vintage King

Compressors are almost universal tools used in audio. Use right and they can add glue and punch to your mix. Used the wrong way and they can utterly destroy a great mix.

Using this powerful changes depending on which setting you're in. Slamming your drum bus may be exactly what's needed on your rock track, but when it comes to mastering, subtlety is key.

Below I show you how I go about setting up my VCA compressors during mastering. In this particular instance the compressor:

  1. tightens up the low end
  2. gives the bass more presence
  3. balances out the hard panned toms

All of this is done with less than a dB of compression per channel! Check out how I fine tune this powerful compressor and give life to the mix.

Michael Curtis

A mastering engineer and composer who loves helping you sound awesome.